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This is not an easy Lesbian Sorority to enter. If you are earnest in your desire to become a member, you must first go through a rigorous hazing porn process. These lesbian college sluts will do anything to enter, even if it means being totally humiliated on camera and having that same video or photo uploaded to the Internet. These girls will stop at absolutely nothing to become popular on campus.

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It’s not just any girl who can get into this tight college group. First she must go though a rigorous hazing porn session that will test her true will. If she wants to join this group, she must stick her pretty face inside this other babe’s bare ass and start licking like there was no tomorrow. From the expression on her face you would say she looks reluctant. But hey, maybe she might even enjoy giving another girl head. It´s definitely a possibility.

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Yes, college sure can be fun, as long as you are not actually doing any studying! These two hot girls are only interested in joining a tight group where the lesbian hazing test has both girls jumping nude into an inflatable pool and having fun fooling around with each other. Let’s see what kind of stuff these girls can get up once they are wet! The people in that group are very fortunate indeed if this is what they do for a good time. I can get used to something like this!

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If these girls want to join the group, they are going to have to get naked and start eating pussy like it was a sport. They have no choice but to do what they are told, or they can forget about having any significant social life during their years at school. Os when we say Haze Her, it means put her to the test and see if she can stand it, push her to the limit. Will they make the team or not? Let’s find out…